Sherry King Bed in White Coil Sprung Mattress

£ 229.99
The Sherry King Bed in White features a traditional design with delicate scrollwork, which will make an attractive addition in any bedroom. This beautiful bed frame has been created with a delicate design at both the head board and foot end providing a beautiful touch to any home. The coil sprung mattress has a firm sleeping surface and soft touch cover for a supportive and comfortable finish. Manufactured to adhere to your comfort and support requirements, the mattress utilises a 13.5g coil sprung unit which is firm enough to offer great back support whilst you sleep. With a high quality damask fabric and a micro-quilted surface, this great mattress provides an element of softness and sumptuousness that comes vacuum-packed to retain its rejuvenating spring and freshness. The pocket and memory mattress is the perfect blend of pocket springs and innovative temperature regulating memory foam. Using state of the art technology to offer comfort and support in abundance, the individually pocketed springs provide a supportive structure, with their independence from each other allowing for your body weight to be distributed evenly. Perfect for relieving pressure points, the cool blue memory foam top layer has been developed and engineered to offer the same matching of your body shape as regular memory foam whilst avoiding heat discomfort in order to keep you cool through the night. The mattress also features hypoallergenic fillings, making it perfect for allergy sufferers. The memory foam mattress has a soft feel with a comfortable knit cover. Designed with comfort in mind, the mattress features an extra soft material top layer that has been specially developed to match the contours of your body, as well as to spread body weight. In turn, this leaves you comfortable enough to prevent tossing and turning in the night, allowing you to feel rejuvenated. The top layer is also designed to keep you cool by regulating temperature and humidity. The mattress is vacuum packed, too, in order to ensure the mattress remains as fresh as possible.The pocket sprung mattress offers premium levels of support and comfort, offering you all the support you need for a great night's sleep. The pocket sprung unit features up to 1500 individually pocketed springs, all of which move independently from each other to help distribute body weight and to ensure the mattress surface is kept consistent from edge to edge. A quilted damask cover and border provide a touch of luxury to the mattress, as well as helping with the problem of overheating during the night.