Breasley Uno Vitality Plus White 5ft King Memory Foam Mattress

£ 229.96
This Uno Vitality Plus White 5ft King Memory Foam Mattress is brought to you by Breasley, the UK's leading foam converter and bedding manufacturer, with over 40 years experience. This mattress is 20cm deep and is a 'no turn' mattress, so does not need to be rotated. It features an ergonomic design which targets the shoulder and hip areas. It has up to 60mm top layer of memory foam, more than the standard Vitality Mattress, providing extra comfort and support in the right places as it contours to your body shape. This mattress comes with a removable, washable, non-quilted cover with Fresche Bioscience antimicrobial treatment. It protects your mattress through inhibiting the development of house dust mites and fights against fungal and bacterial attacks.This mattress is delivered vacuum packed, making it easier for you to move around. It comes with a wonderful 10 year structural guarantee. Please Note: Images for Illustration Purposes Only.